Well it is nearly that time of year again when the whole gaming community get to witness what is in store for the next year or so in the gaming world and a peek into the future. For Nintendo that future is very close indeed with the impending launch of the WiiU and this years E3 will be a big one as far as Nintendo goes as there already seems many doubters as far as the WiiU goes but then the same thing happened when the Wii was unveiled and that was a storming success as far as sales went, but not in the eyes of many gamers where the Wii seemed to lack overall in the gaming department support from third parties.

So every one can keep second guessing as to what will make the WiiU succeed where the Wii failed to deliver, but at the same time will that help take away the what the Wii so much more appealing that people were buying it because it was different to what else was out on the market. Then there is the fact that the other two systems currently on the market will be similar in overall power and they will already have installed user bases and both Sony and Microsoft show no signs of currently releasing new systems so for the first time in a decade all three companies will be on a level playing field as far a technology goes but Nintendo is joining very late which could affect them but only time will tell on that one.

If there is much more third party support this time around though seeing as all the systems will be more equal in power then it will come down to the exclusive games that the systems offer, which is the one area Nintendo always seems to deliver on them selves, but it's not just about the games this time it is about getting the online infrastructure in place and getting it right. Although from the stories that have came out it appears that Nintendo is giving its best attempt and seems to be doing its best to right the wrongs that the Wii online suffered from, soon much more will be known though.

What will be there from Nintendo game wise though? A new Mario is confirmed, Pikimin 3 is pretty much confirmed too and will there be anything on the new cross platform Smash Bros. game that was announced last year?

There is also the rumour of a Retro Studios developed Star Fox game, which has me personally very excited, and what from other big hitter from Nintendo like Zelda and Metroid, I am expecting both to make some kind of appearance even if it is just announcement trailers for new games in development.

The excitement now begins from me and many other gamers as E3 feels like the big event of the year where just about anything can happen in terms of new games.  
So while I have been trying a bit harder to bring some content to the site, I have still not got around to my next Zelda review which I have been meaning to do for months and I will soon I have just have been busier than expected with working and I have went on a spending spree of games both new and old in recent months, mainly old and one new but for an old system.

Where does this sudden urge to buy older games come from though?

Well to be honest it has always been there and there is no better feeling than getting a game that you wanted for many years when you were younger but never manages to find anywhere, and then there is the part of me who would love to have every PAL released Nintendo game, although that probably wont happen unless I win a lot of money.

Also I guess it does have something to do with the site and wanted to be able to review more games, ironic in a way since I am struggling to find time to write this one, but still it would be nice to have as many games on hand as I can get. Of course as much as I do love Nintendo I still do have that little soft spot in my heart for the old enemy Sega and guess I want to also pick up some of the things I missed out on over the years because of my focus on all things Nintendo.

There is also the fact that games much like any form of media are there to be appreciated as they get old, although some out there see older games as simply that, old, I much like many other realise good games don’t just get bad with age in fact time some times shows us that a few games have actually got better with age as they were really not given a fair chance upon release, although bad games still do remain bad forever.

 have to say I am enjoying doing the new video blog that I am doing it is quite a fun thing to be doing and it allows me to add content and hopefully in the future I will be able to do some features in the form of videos, but for now I will be sticking to the weekly blogs and doing a few reviews as soon as I catch a breather from work.
On a final note Pandora's Tower has just been released, which I have and again love the limited edition set mainly the steel case, and it pretty much signals the end for the Wii as it is the last big release for the system. So maybe not on a technicality as Dragon Quest X is still to come out but much like Twilight Princess was for the Gamecube as the game the passed the torch Dragon Quest X will be the one that passes the torch along to the Wii U.

The first year or so for the Wii was pretty average at best a few good games but mainly only ones from Nintendo that were real quality games, it was the middle couple of years that really were the best for the Wii with not only big game after big game from Nintendo, but many other great games started to appear on the system that actually started to look like developers were trying to use the Wii better, but then after Christmas 2010 the Wii's slow death began as most publishers just stopped releasing games other than multi platform ones and it has been left up to Nintendo releasing Skyward Sword, Xendoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and now Pandora's Tower to give people a reason to keep on playing the system for the last year and a half.

I do wish in a way that publishers tried a bit more to bring much better games to the system as a whole in the earlier and later years considering the user base the system built up they never really tried to get that many original games on the system, but it was a fun ride and at one point the games started flowing and made the system more than worth owning, just a lot of “if onlys” with the system but it certainly has made me enjoy what it did offer as some times it was few and far between.
It seems like a life time since I last managed to get a blog written, but I do have hundreds of thoughts floating around my head that are actually game related and have managed to get a fair amount of gaming in lately more than I probably have in ages.

Since my last update I have been on a bit of a serious retro gaming binge of sorts thanks in no small part to the SNES classic controller I got for my Wii which I mentioned in my last blog where I have went on an RPG rampage since I never really got to play any of those SNES RPGs the first time around for many reasons the main one being they were never released in Europe at all anyway.

Chrono Trigger was my first stop since even though it has had such amazing reviews and gets mentioned as one of the greatest SNES games ever I had never had the chance to play it, and well I love it, seems to feel better using the correct controller too almost like I am playing it as close to the real things as you can get. My second stop was Street Fighter Alpha 2, I had played other versions and later ones on other systems but I had always wanted this version but getting hold of the game the first time around was near impossible since it was near the end of the systems life, I have to say even though it is a cut down version of the game it is still very impressive and certain stages look stunning for the system really is a testament to what people tried doing on 16-bit hardware near the end of their life cycle.

I have also went onto download Final Fantasy II or IV to the rest of the world which I have played other versions of this game but never the original North American release of it, and despite the fact that it is the same game it is on the easy side to other versions because of its reduced difficulty, although I have also downloaded Final Fantasy IV: The Years After too so I can continue the story. On top of that I went for Secret of Mana which I have admittedly yet to boot up.
On the newer game front I have got Resident Evil: Revelations for my 3DS which I truly think is the best looking game to date on the system and a pretty good game all around too, and The Last Story on the Wii, the limited edition bundle which seems the common thing with the last few big releases on the system. While the Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles ones where good with their controller bundles, The Last Story is by far the best so far with not only a CD soundtrack, but the art book and the one that tops it off for me in the steel case. The game is pretty great too, not sure if I would say better than Xenoblade but a great game, now just waiting on Pandora's Tower to complete the set of limited edition bundles.
My retro fix has take a different turn recently too, although I am a huge Nintendo fan I am still a big fan of gaming as a whole and I was always a fan of Sega too one thing I never had growing up though was a Mega CD, so I have recently purchased one well a Mega CD 2 along with a Megadrive 2 as they just look so much better than the original ones.

This retro fix isn't just down to wanting old games, but rather a recent release made buy a small development team called Watermelon and the game is called Pier Solar, and it is an RPG built from the ground up for the Megadrive and does some pretty impressive technical things with the old hardware, including Mode 7 style spite rotation and a CD soundtrack for the game using the Mega CD in conjunction with the cartridge. So I have placed my pre order for the next print of the game and soundrack, luckily this will not be Watermelons final game as they have three more in development now. Check them out on their website at the Magical Game Factory.

Now if only they would makes some games for the SNES too I may die happy.   
Once again I know I have been leaving the sight alone for ages but I do plan on updating it a little more soon even if it is just blogs more often right now. 
Well it’s really been a while sine I decided to do a new blog or anything new to the site but then since I last updated and planned on doing the reviews for the last handful of Mario platform games my life got insanely busy and maybe my interest or shall i say motivation hasn’t quite been there to do it for a little while.

Not that haven’t been gaming more than usual, no if anything I have been playing through some newer games in Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword which the later of the two really drew me in for two weeks and I loved every second of it, I also picked the limited edition controller bundle up with it and have to say it looks very nice indeed.
Although that is not the only controller I have got recently after getting enough reward stars on the Nintendo website I got my self a Super Nintendo classic controller and well all I can say is it is pretty amazing when it comes to playing Super NES games and it really helps you feel like you are playing them the way they were meant to be. Not that it does make a difference just a preferential choice on my behalf I guess but it is an amazing addition and will more than likely be downloading more Super NES games from the Virtual Console as a result.
In other news I have actually been rebuilding my computer just a step closer to my dream PC, by adding liquid cooling, a memory card reader and a much larger case for further expansion in the future, and just because I am nice guy I built my brother one from all my old parts left over from the last few years.

Hopefully I can put a little more focus onto the site in the next month or so as the holiday period was a draining one on  me last year.