Well it’s really been a while sine I decided to do a new blog or anything new to the site but then since I last updated and planned on doing the reviews for the last handful of Mario platform games my life got insanely busy and maybe my interest or shall i say motivation hasn’t quite been there to do it for a little while.

Not that haven’t been gaming more than usual, no if anything I have been playing through some newer games in Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword which the later of the two really drew me in for two weeks and I loved every second of it, I also picked the limited edition controller bundle up with it and have to say it looks very nice indeed.
Although that is not the only controller I have got recently after getting enough reward stars on the Nintendo website I got my self a Super Nintendo classic controller and well all I can say is it is pretty amazing when it comes to playing Super NES games and it really helps you feel like you are playing them the way they were meant to be. Not that it does make a difference just a preferential choice on my behalf I guess but it is an amazing addition and will more than likely be downloading more Super NES games from the Virtual Console as a result.
In other news I have actually been rebuilding my computer just a step closer to my dream PC, by adding liquid cooling, a memory card reader and a much larger case for further expansion in the future, and just because I am nice guy I built my brother one from all my old parts left over from the last few years.

Hopefully I can put a little more focus onto the site in the next month or so as the holiday period was a draining one on  me last year. 

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