Well it has been some time since I managed to get around to doing anything with the site and really that's just down to life getting in the way and maybe lately with what seems like a drop in all things Nintendo as they are in a transition period to a new generation of systems, since the Wii is slowly winding down and the 3DS is really just getting started and most of Nintendo's focus is on the upcoming Wii-U even third party developers have pretty much all but abandoned the Wii at this point in time with only the few big multi platform games being released on the system now.

On the subject of the Wii winding down, it seems to have all but halted in North America as NOA has pretty much point blank refused to release there of the final biggest releases on the system, but on the flip side NOE has decided to release all three games in Europe and all of those games will of course have full English voices and translations, this is pretty much unheard of and in a way a shocking move. Maybe in a way all those years of never getting any of the big releases from the last years on other systems has paid off and not to mention all those countless RPGs from the SNES era that were just never released, it is a bad thing that many gamers wont get a chance to play these games but from a point of view a some one who has suffered over previous generation it almost feels like the tables have turned a bit and Nintendo is start to put Europe over North America for a change.
So what about the site?

Well I am going to try and put some more effort into it, I will even be putting a video blog on here as well to add a bit more content but you should see it as I will attach it some where in here anyway as well as another new feature that I am just on my way to finishing, I have also added a bit of a different look to the main site and the forum too to give it a bit more of a unique look, I know it's not much as I am not the greatest with that side of the design but it makes it feel like my own now.

My long term goal is also to get some form of a community going within the Forum, via my Youtube channel and via twitter, so join follow and subscribe to all those and take part and help me build a better site :)   


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