So after having a little more time to reflect on E3 and after feeling slightly underwhelmed in my video yesterday I am not quite as bitter today because after all it was just a show for all intents a purposes, and the hardware itself looks very nice indeed and there are some really nice concepts that can be done with the hardware just may take Nintendo some time to completely implement them in the games as well as for third parties to do the same. It is also worth noting that all the games that were shown off on the day and at E3 itself this week are only launch window games so if there are any in development that are due out after that they just haven't been announced as of yet much like the date or the price, but I expect those to be announced around about the time of the Tokyo Game Show later on in this year.

Nintendo also seems to be on a huge push now for social networking, where with the Wii they pretty much tried to keep things as anonymous as they could they are aiming for the opposite with the Wii U, and i can't deny i like the ideas real time feed updates on your game pad ad you go and able to get help or advice from people actually playing the games is a great way to build a community, and of course video chat through the controller, whether or not you can still do it through just the game pad or not is unknown like was shown off last year or if it is just shown on the tv but to me it is a good idea and shows Nintendo are trying to become more media based with this system, although I felt the Wii was pretty good in that regard with the  likes of The Nintendo Channel, BBC iPlayer and Newflix as well as being able to view videos on YouTube through the internet browser. On the same note I kind of like the idea of being able to use the Wii as a remote for my TV as it makes it similar to many tablet remotes in that respect, but only as long as the software is robust enough to let you do more than just turn on the TV and change channels.
The slightly redesigned controller or Wii U Game Pad as it's now known is slightly larger than last years model but featured pretty much all the same tech as it did then with the exceptions of the scanner an the left hand side under the D-pad and the not so secretive analog sticks that was already leaked but they also now act as extra buttons much like most other controllers these days.

I was already pretty excited over this anyway just from the idea and concept of it and the only thing I was worried about was the slide pads used in the original design as I thought they may have caused issues with controls from extended use since I feel the 3DS has that issue at times and my thumb slides off on some of the more intense games so I am really happy about that choice. 

Of course I also like that the Wii U is being designed with having multiple ways to play right from the start, so not only do you have the Wii U Game Pad and the Wii Motion + controllers, but you also have the new Wii U Pro Controller, which is designed for games that you want to get extended play from and use a lighter controller, screams of third part multi platforms games to me that don't use the screen in many new ways but at least they are promoting it as a main way of playing games and not an after thought like the Wii Classic controller, personally I love the Classic Controller Pro  as it is my choice of controller with many games the only thing I felt was missing was rumble and it not being wireless so my prayers have pretty much been answered with this as well as having extra buttons in the analog sticks now so pretty much every multi platform game will have the same controls now, although I am not fully sold on the placement of the four face buttons yet although maybe I am just used to seeing an analog stick there on every controller, but I am sold on it right away anyway. 

What about the games though, and after my initial let down of few big games being announced I have had time to sit down and take a look at the ones that I liked the most and really the ones that were exclusive as well as I like some of the multi platform games and will definitely be picking some up on the system but they really weren't anything new.

The first game that has me interested is definitely Pikmin 3 since I enjoyed the original so much and this game has been said to be in development for insane amounts of time so hopefully it is just right, also seem's nice that it is giving you multiple ways to play right from the start either way I can see it being a solid game and a must buy for the launch.

New Super Mario Bros. U also floats my boat and is the return of Mario as a launch game for the first time since the N64 launch and you can say it is just a higher resolution version of the Wii game but that isn't really a bad thing as the New Super Mario Bros. games all offer great challenges, and some people may mock the game for the look of it but really it's Mario what did you expect?

I will make a bold prediction too if this isn't the best selling Wii U launch game and possibly the best selling Wii U game over the life of the system I will be shocked as the new Super Mario Bros. games sell very well regardless but one at launch may be a clincher even more if it comes bundled with hardware although I don't think it will I think something else will which I will get to soon.

Now Project P-100 looks like quite an interesting mix of RTS and all out OTT action, and it is being developed by Platinum games and their track record is pretty good and thought that Mad World deserved more in terms of sales than it got on the Wii, but this is a different sort of game than we are used to from them but it does seem like it will be a good game that can be played online if they decide to include a feature like that, but as of now it is a single play game only.

Of all the games Nintendo Land is the one I most expect to get bundled with the system because I think there is a lot of emphasis on what the Game Pad can actually do and how it can be used for one person to have a different experience that the other people playing and there are some good concepts there, although I can't say I will be too compelled to buy the game if it doesn't come with the hardware as much as it seems like good software I don't know if it i something I would go for as a stand alone game because much like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort I don't know how much long term appeal this will have for me to keep me interested, but then again I could be wrong.

I am also slightly surprised they haven't called it Wii land in away too keep it tied in with other games like Wii Sports and Wii Fit but then it's just a name so it really doesn't matter. 

Next is a game when I first seen it my first thought was not another Lego game but I actually kind of like the idea of a GTA style game Lego style and the city looks pretty detailed to.... well as much detail as you can get out of Lego blocks that is call me crazy but you can never be too old for Lego. Despite the fact there is probably going to be little depth to this game I can still imagine it will be a good laugh to play plus it's GTA Lego style really can't say much more to sum it up than that. The use of the Game Pad seems functional too where you receive all of your missions orders on it as well as it turning into a scanning device to find the bad guys kind of in a similar Style to what Batman Arkham City will also use.

Seeing as the pre E3 Nintendo direct was about showing the functionality of the controller more than what was know it meant that Ubisoft could show off their games first with out spoiling anything Nintendo would have wanted to show, and the first of those games was Rayman Legends sequel to Rayman Origins which got amazing critical acclaim last year so it is nice in a way that the sequel is coming to the Wii U for launch and it looks every bit as beautiful as the last game if not more so, and is another one of those games that supports up to five people playing and the person using the Game Pad is in more of an assisting role, and the game seems to be played at an insanely fast pace at time too.

With bothe New Super Mario Bros. U and this game the Wii U could launch with potentially to amazing platform games which to me that is great news indeed.

Last on my list is ZombiU the game that evolved some how from last years Killer Freaks From Outa Space that was shown last year and the game look pretty nice indeed and is a Zombie apocalypse games based in England, will have to say I loved the presentation video of this when it played the English national anthem on the day of the Queens jubilee of all days quite fitting in a way.

This game has the potential to be great fun though and a good solid launch game, although I don't see it being the best FPS for some reason I can see it ending up like Red Steel did on the Wii, but the concept is great and hope it turns out great too.

Of course they are just the exclusive games games like Aliens: Colonial Marines, Darksiders 2, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Assassin's Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City all have my eye as launch games and even though some of those games are ports they are still good quality third party games which is what the Wii often lacked and out of all of those games I can in all honesty see myself picking up ten games on launch day as I have pretty much stepped away over this past couple of years from buying Xbox 360 games and even PC ones for now and I planned on sticking to one system in the next few years although Sony is making that hard for me right now with some of the games they are releasing, but enough of that that original disappointment  has now gone and now I just have to wait for the date and price of it all.        

So with the release of the 3DS in just over a months time, am I excited?

To sum it up yes I am and it is for more than one reason, not only am I excited for the release of a new console and getting it on the day of release but I am also excited for what will mark a change in my gaming habits, with the exception of my gaming PC the next generation I intend to stick with just Nintendo.

It wasn't easy coming to this conclusion, but both time and money have certainly played a large part in it, as it can be very expensive trying to maintain and play several consoles and a gaming PC all at once let alone find time to play the biggest games on each, not to mention the amount of time I spend working and then there is sleep as well, as over rated as I see that it needs to be done apparently, but fitting life in around a gaming schedule I pretty tough so what time I do have I intend to focus it on just one company.

Now I am sure anyone reading this may see this as limiting my options as to the choices of games I will get to play, and I agree but I will ask this is it better to play a game for a very short time and then move onto the next because you run out of time because you have other games you want to try, or to focus on the smaller number of games you can get and play them more thoroughly?

To be fair the decision of what company to go with was never any doubt as my love with Nintendo is an ageless one as it is with many, and to those no I do not blindly follow them and will buy what ever they release, I am hoping for quality games from third parties too, many such titles I have admittedly missed out on for the Wii as I never had enough time or money to get them.

Hopefully I can stick by this as well as I don't want to break this promise to my self as it may get very expensive some where down the line yet again, although that will hopefully be where my gaming PC helps a bit, by allowing me to get my fix of certain sorts of games that may not appear on Nintendo's system, or that's the theory well at least it should give me access to Microsoft’s own exclusive games at some point.

Maybe if I do manage this I will also be able to do some of those things I want to more often too, such as kick into gear what I want to do more online, as there are so many things I am hoping to give a proper shot at creatively.

Only time will really tell.

Okay so this Blog eventually took on a life of its own when I started thinking late and wrote a second part later in the day on a different computer and I was originally going to spread it across two blogs, but since then I have decided to add it onto the end of this one and expand so here it is. 

Well I have to say I have never done two blogs at the same time but I have the other one that I have just written saved on my desktop PC and this one I just started typing while I am still awake at sill O'clock .

Why am I still awake? Well there is just so much that I want to do plans are all about in my head and hopefully I can start fitting that jumbled mes all together into something creative, and start to create a buzz about what I have been wanting to do for some time, what is it? 

A website, a web blog, which I have been doing for some time just not as often as I would like, a video blog, which hopefully will be starting shortly and my tweeting which I do and will more than likely be sharing with part of my video blog.

Why? Well I guess I have always really wanted to give it a shot and get myself out there, loads of people do it so why not me?

Plus it will all be my own work so it can't all be bad, right?

Anyway I may just have to start using all of this technology I have started to get used to using, and do something with my spare time that may be productive.