Well it has certainly been some time since I have been on the sight at all, and that is down to the sad fact that life seems to have gotten in the way of things that I want to do, and well that and a certain member of the opposite sex taking up other parts of my time, but I do plan on getting some time put into the site soon and adding a few new features and finish of my Mario platform game set of reviews.

Anyway my thoughts on E3, well in a way it was both exciting and anti-climatic at the same time, on the one hand you had this exciting new console shown off that plans to change how consoles are controlled much like the Wii did, but the new Wii-U as it is named looks to tap into the tablet craze that seems to be going about right now thanks to the i-Pad. I will admit I am excited about the potential it offers us for new kinds of games and that Nintendo is releasing something that will match what is currently out there meaning that we will get all the top multi-format games and not watered down versions or PS2 ports, with maybe the exception of Activision games like Call of Duty which seem to be the one series of games that aim to deliver a unique Wii only experience and each passing one has included more and more while trying to stay as close to the originals as they can.
I am going off subject a little there but I am hoping this means for the most part having one console will mean not missing out on the best versions of the games now. On a more negative note the fact there was little to no games shown and just a few tech demos from Nintendo and nothing much from third parties either other than a hand full of announcements and one or two tech demos, so there is no real way of judging the true power of the console itself compared to the others that are out there until the games start to be shown and many stories it may be quite a bit more powerful and others suggest it wont be any more than what is currently on the market, either way we know as much about the system as we don't know about it.

On a whole I am pretty happy with how the hardware itself seems to have turned out pretty much matching and surpassing anything the PS3 has to offer from a technical standpoint although it has really yet to be fully confirmed, at least the discs will match that of Blu-ray in capacity and it will be able to output games in 1080p, although whether it renders them is another thing that is unknown at this time. The potential of the controller alone makes things very exciting and I believe that I said the Wii-U would come with a camera I just never thought it would be in the controller, or that it would feature video chat for that matter, but the Mii-maker feature as seen in the 3DS is not easily possible.
Personally I am not to sure how often I will play games on the controller itself but the feature is pretty amazing as it allows you to continue the game even if some one else wants to use your TV, within a certain distance of course and although the resolution of the controller is not HD from what I understand it is pretty razor sharp anyway.

One thing that has really yet to have any great depth into it is the online infrastructure, but I expect it to be some kind of hybrid of what the Wii currently has, the 3DS system and X-box Live with player accounts and maybe even achievements, but how ever it works I would imagine Nintendo are going to try and correct any mistakes of the Wii.