Well it is nearly that time of year again when the whole gaming community get to witness what is in store for the next year or so in the gaming world and a peek into the future. For Nintendo that future is very close indeed with the impending launch of the WiiU and this years E3 will be a big one as far as Nintendo goes as there already seems many doubters as far as the WiiU goes but then the same thing happened when the Wii was unveiled and that was a storming success as far as sales went, but not in the eyes of many gamers where the Wii seemed to lack overall in the gaming department support from third parties.

So every one can keep second guessing as to what will make the WiiU succeed where the Wii failed to deliver, but at the same time will that help take away the what the Wii so much more appealing that people were buying it because it was different to what else was out on the market. Then there is the fact that the other two systems currently on the market will be similar in overall power and they will already have installed user bases and both Sony and Microsoft show no signs of currently releasing new systems so for the first time in a decade all three companies will be on a level playing field as far a technology goes but Nintendo is joining very late which could affect them but only time will tell on that one.

If there is much more third party support this time around though seeing as all the systems will be more equal in power then it will come down to the exclusive games that the systems offer, which is the one area Nintendo always seems to deliver on them selves, but it's not just about the games this time it is about getting the online infrastructure in place and getting it right. Although from the stories that have came out it appears that Nintendo is giving its best attempt and seems to be doing its best to right the wrongs that the Wii online suffered from, soon much more will be known though.

What will be there from Nintendo game wise though? A new Mario is confirmed, Pikimin 3 is pretty much confirmed too and will there be anything on the new cross platform Smash Bros. game that was announced last year?

There is also the rumour of a Retro Studios developed Star Fox game, which has me personally very excited, and what from other big hitter from Nintendo like Zelda and Metroid, I am expecting both to make some kind of appearance even if it is just announcement trailers for new games in development.

The excitement now begins from me and many other gamers as E3 feels like the big event of the year where just about anything can happen in terms of new games.